Great dogs, the legendary
cheerful service, and *bad jokes.

* may want to recall that these days, in some circles,
"bad" really means good and BAD is our acronym for Black Angus Dog.
Thus, bad jokes could be good jokes and bad dog is really good dog.

HotDog Tommy's offers nothing less than the finest and freshest ingredients from the tiny galley. Those "Wonderful Wieners" are the famous Berks Brand - official hot dog of Hershey Park.

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And just what is a POTATO TORNADO....

According to Mary, it is a parfait of mashed potatoes, layered, in a take-away cup, with her special recipe ground beef chili sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, then topped with tomato salsa, sliced banana peppers and a dollop of sour cream.

Variations of this, the original most popular tasty 'tater triumph, are also on the menu. But they all start with marvelous mashed potatoes.

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On a hot summer day, even the sign quenches your thirst - Frozen Coke, Frozen Stewart's Root Beer, Frozen Orange Cream and Cold Spring Water. Nostalgia never tasted this good.

One of the biggest sellers is the chili/cheese dog. Tommy says,
"Mary's Own homemade chili topping and the use of real cheddar cheese make it a winner wiener, or should that be wiener winner? Whatever!"