The Picture Gallery

Hot Dog Tommy's is one of the most photographed spots in Cape May.
With Wienie Beenie adorning his dome,Tommy has become an icon of the Jersey Shore.

On this page we attempt to create an album of pictures
taken at Hot Dog Tommy's and sent in by customers and tourists alike.

Tommy's Tongue

Look for the sign:
either this one, or the one to the left!
Mary in the Kitchen
We're not just about hot dogs.   Miss Mary's yummy salads are a big hit, too.
In the foreground is Anya Kirillova, number one assistant, from Cheboksary, Russia.

Following Tommy's lead, Ayya also offers service with a smile!
Ayya Sangadzhieva is from the town
of Elista in the Republic of Kalmykia
Dog's for everyone!

The beach crowd.
 Photo by Michael Longfellow -

Here I am, an adult taking orders from kids!
Jacob! Anna!  Quit horsing around.
What do you want to eat?
Mom, the guy in the funny hat
doesn't even know we're standing here!
Yo!!  We're ready to order here.
Are you blind?

WOW! That was some dog!
Strolling up Jackson Street toward the Washington Street Mall.  What better advertising.
Yes, we do have souvenir shirts.  Miscellaneous bright colors available.
(Courtesy of Kevin Patrick, Manheim, PA)

Hard pressed to come up with a caption for this one, but
can you imagine what thoughts must be running through the mind of the baby?
(Courtesy of Kevin Patrick, Manheim, PA)
Tom finds a rare, quiet moment - before the lunch rush -
 to pose for a photo memento with Molly, from Wyckoff, NJ
LEANER WIENER - $1.40    SNAPPLE - $1.50    SMILES - Priceless
((Courtesy, Stephen Misovic)
And here's Molly, again,  a little older, and still with the priceless smile.
She noted Tommy is looking a tad older, too, "..... and a little stiff".
Summer 2010
Lisa Smith sent this to us. Taken  summer 2009.
Amazing how closely she resembles Tommy!
Reggie Crowley, picture sent to us from his  wife Shannon.
"We visit each year for our anniversary."