Come Visit

Dedicated to customer service,Tom and Mary Snyder are icons in Cape May. They're former owners of both the Manor House Bed & Breakfast Inn and the very successful Dry Dock Ice Cream Bar & Grill. Someone once noted that everything Tom and Mary touch turns to gold. Perhaps this is why they're surrounded by mustard.........

Someone just asked Tom where there might be
another place to buy a hot dog in Cape May.

Photo by Michael Longfellow -

Tom and Mary are renowned for the way they maintain their establishments. When time allows, Tom can be seen keeping the sidewalk clean. This is where he is most photographed by passersby. Mary spends any spare moment she has taking care of the sparkling clean galley and grill. This happy hot dog duo put their own spin on the American classic hot dog, but not just one kind of dog......... just take a look at the menu: Click here